The Blue Hour – Suede


I don’t know what we would do without Suede. I know that, during that long, very long, endless pause they pressed on creating music, the world seriously dimmed down a touch.

Sept. 21st saw the release of The Blue Hour, their third album since their comeback, completing a triptych, as Brett Anderson has branded it, that started with Bloodsports and followed by Night Thoughts. A triptych that kicked off in a fantastic way and just kept getting better – in a very unnerving way.

Suede is, of course, not an average, feel-good band, so «unnerving» and «unpleasant» are in no way adjectives that bemuse a Suede fan in any way. Their penetrative gaze on urban, middle-class life is what sets them apart.

This time, Suede take their unpleasantry to the countryside – and the results are spectacularly dark and beautiful. Through experimentation paired with familiar grounds, in excellent songwriting style and storytelling touch, they recount the hardships of childhood, the sharp beauty and crude comfort of rural life. Haunting and vulturous, yet alleviating and familiar, The Blue Hour will take you down roads in your soul you didn’t even know existed.


You can buy the album here